Who is Austin Nichols Technical Search?

We are a direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City that specializes in placing candidates in top engineering, construction, and manufacturing jobs around the Greater KC Area. We have been recruiting professionals since 1988 and we have been named Kansas City’s “Small Business of the Year” five times.

What kinds of jobs are available?

We specialize in the engineering, construction, and manufacturing fields, but we cover a lot of ground within that specialization, and there’s a lot of overlap between the three fields.

  • Engineering: We offer positions across a range of skill sets, including industrial, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering, just to name a few.
  • Construction: More than just the labor needed to make the plans of engineers and architects a reality, Austin Nichols offers construction positions with upward mobility and good pay and benefits. Some of the construction positions we’ve filled recently include Business Development Manager, Construction Manager, Structural Design Engineer, and Senior Project Manager.
  • Manufacturing: Many of our engineering candidates go into manufacturing fields. But manufacturers need more than just engineers to get the job done. That’s why we also focus on production and plant management, quality management, purchasing, logistics, and human resources.

What does a direct hire and contract recruiting firm do?

We connect the best candidates with the best jobs. For our candidates, we provide exposure to some of the top job listings in the Kansas City area, many of which are exclusive to Austin Nichols. For our clients, we recruit the best talent around, and follow-up with full-service support throughout the recruiting process so that our clients can get the right person for the job right out of the gate.

Why should I use a direct hire and contract recruiting firm?

Because you want the best. Whether you’re looking for a job in engineering, manufacturing, or construction, or whether you’re an employer looking to hire the best people around, Austin Nichols can provide more than just job listings and resumes. We work with our candidates through every step of the hiring process, from resume and interview preparation to advice on negotiations and support once you’re in place.

How do I get started?

You can submit your resume, browse our job listings, or simply call us at (816) 471-5575 and we’ll help you find the opportunity that’s right for you!

Austin Nichols can help you find the manufacturing, construction, or engineering job of your dreams, with some of the top companies in the KC area. Contact us at (816) 471-5575 to get started today!