Regardless of the industry, more and more companies are solely relying on contract recruiting firms to secure the best possible new employees. The reasons for this trend are both manifold and manifest, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all recruiters can boast the same results. That’s because many firms take a broad approach, trying to cover as many industries as possible; however, the consequence is that these general recruiters invariably lack the expertise and experience necessary to secure the best prospects in technical fields.

That’s what sets Austin Nichols head and shoulders above every other contract recruiting firm for the engineering industry in the Kansas City metro area. Not only do we have over 75 years of cumulative experience in technical recruiting, but we also specialize in engineering. As a result, we have a massive preexisting network of connections, and are constantly seeking out both top talent in search of career opportunities and new opportunities in need of filling. We don’t just source bright new prospects, we forge long-term relationships with them, which means every candidate is a known and trusted one.

The top technical recruiters know that it’s not enough to find someone good enough for any given position—they have to be the best possible fit. This just isn’t possible if you aren’t intimately familiar with the unique demands of the engineering industry, from understanding the technologies and lingo involved to knowing the long-term goals and unique office culture of any given company. An experienced recruiting firm in Kansas City that does understand and appreciate all of these intricacies is uniquely qualified to streamline the hiring process.

Austin Nichols Technical Search does this by meticulously reviewing both the credentials of every prospect and the nuances of every job description. We consult with hiring managers just to make sure every need is being met. That means every single candidate who comes in for an interview has already been vetted as qualified, employable, and a likely fit for the office culture. Without a screening process like this, HR ends up wasting valuable time interviewing a parade of under-qualified applicants instead of a select handful of the best prospects who can seamlessly join the team.

Ultimately, every company needs to look at their options and consider what is best for business. To that end, Austin Nichols Technical Search always welcomes inquiries from HR departments so that you can speak directly with our team about our process and its benefits. There’s obviously no obligation, but you may find that with our engineering expertise, we’re a perfect match for all your direct hire and contract recruiting needs.

Austin Nichols Technical Search is proud of our reputation as an experienced and highly professional direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City. Specializing in direct hire and contract recruiting for engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions, our expert recruiters are some of the best in the industry. Since 1988 we have been helping businesses stay ahead of the competition by acquiring the top talent in the field, and as we approach our thirtieth anniversary, we’re ready to help you.

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