Here is some welcome news for both employers and employees: the U.S. job market is currently thriving. With unemployment rates at historic lows and financial experts predicting the country will come even closer to being fully employed, this is a fantastic time to be running a business or looking for work. That’s because the better the economy does, the more companies can afford to compete with each other for the top talent in their respective fields, offering all kinds of cushy incentives and concessions to lure in the best in the industry.

In July we actually dipped beneath the natural rate of unemployment, and at times like these it can actually be difficult for employers to find enough employees, period. The question then becomes: where are all the good jobs in 2017, and looking ahead, in 2018? According to a report by CBS MoneyWatch, the best positions at present (and going forward) are those related to technology, finance, and healthcare, among other careers that also require college degrees, specialized training, and experience in the market. The article goes on to list the Top 50 Best Jobs in America for 2017 and 2018, and of those fifty positions, one out of every four relates to engineering. Small wonder firms are recruiting engineers like never before: electrical engineer, software engineer, mechanical engineer, controls engineer, hardware engineer, and civil engineer are all ranked among the best jobs in America, with data engineer, DevOps engineer, and solutions architect cracking the Top Ten.

This article from CBS MoneyWatch isn’t the only piece of promising data, either. A recent study by ManpowerGroup surveyed thousands of hiring managers and found that the U.S. labor market remains optimistic heading into the third and fourth quarters of 2017. A whopping 25% of those interviewed said they plan on increasing the number of employees in their companies during this period. With one in four businesses planning on expanding or otherwise hiring new workers in the next few months, the economy is on track to further improve…and improve the prospects of jobseekers in the bargain.

Every company wants to secure the top talent in their field, of course, but that can be tougher than ever at times like this, when the competition is fierce and jobseekers are spoiled for choice. It obviously makes life a lot easier for would-be employers when the perfect applicant is presented for them, pre-vetted and ready to work, and that’s where a professional direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City comes in. Rather than having your human resources department slog search for the needle that is an ideal employee in a haystack of random resumes, all the legwork is done for you.

Austin Nichols Technical Search has been the most trusted Kansas City recruiting company since we were founded back in 1988. We offer direct hire and contract recruiting for all manner of engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions, and are dedicating helping our clients in the region stay at the very top of the game.

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