Mechanical engineering has rapidly become one of the fastest growing fields in the country, with Forbes reporting an increase of close to 22,000 jobs in just a four-year period. What’s more, their report anticipated even more growth over the next five years. One of America’s most important fields is only going to get bigger, and nowhere is this trend so evident as in Kansas City, where experienced mechanical engineers are highly sought after by the area’s many major companies.

The reason behind this boom in mechanical engineering positions is pretty simple: virtually every industry has a need for their unique skills. Companies are recruiting mechanical engineers like never before because everybody wants employees who can transform concepts and ideas into functional reality. All engineers do this to a certain extent, but mechanical engineers are the ones who love to get their hands dirty, applying complicated theories and principles to discover innovative solutions. Mechanical engineering is the field where creativity combines with practicality, and those who can successfully develop systems that previously only existed in theory can have their pick of plum jobs.

In Kansas City alone there aren’t just dozens of individual companies who are expanding their mechanical engineering departments—there are actually dozens of such unique industries. The consumer electronics field is one such employer, with Garmin and several other companies based in the greater Kansas City area. Then there are the regional engineering firms, which want experienced professionals to help in conceptual design and practical application. The food product development industry, security systems industry, and automotive industry are just a few of the other major fields in the area that are actively recruiting mechanical engineers. Whether it’s developing more efficient solutions for General Motors or designing conveyor systems for the manufacturing industry, the region is rich with opportunities.

Since the mechanical engineer can be seen as a jack-of-all-trades with a vast range of possible skills, it’s small wonder that actually recruiting mechanical engineers can take a bit of additional work for some companies. They know they need someone special, but they might not know exactly what it is they are looking for. There are more qualified candidates than ever before, but they are also being snapped up in record time. This is why it is so important to work with a recruiting firm in Kansas City that specializes in placing mechanical engineers.

For the past thirty years Austin Nichols Technical Search has been helping businesses acquire the best mechanical engineers in the area. We are the most experienced, professional direct hire and contract recruiting firm in the Kansas City region. Engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions are our specialty, and our expert recruiters endeavor not merely to meet your expectations, but to wildly exceed them.

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