When it is time to hire new engineers for your company, you may be quick to dismiss the idea of hiring a recruiting firm to help. In Kansas City, a top-notch recruiting firm, Austin Nichols Technical Search, is just what you need to find the best engineering candidates for your open engineering positions. So, what exactly do recruiting firms do to help you find great employees?

Finding and Connecting with Candidates

Most companies don’t have the resources to research and reach out to the best candidates for their open positions. That’s where recruiting firms come in. Let a recruiting firm do the legwork for you. Recruiting firms like Austin Nichols have candidate pools that contain information on numerous potential new hires, some of which may be exclusive to the recruiting firm.

Instead of handing over a list of names to our clients, we reach out to candidates to see if they are interested in meeting with the hiring manager of your company. This saves your company time from emailing or calling potential employees that aren’t interested in a new position or the position you are hiring for. Your company can instead focus on selecting a candidate from a narrow list of best matches.

Austin Nichols has a network of potential candidates across a broad range of skill sets. Whether you are looking for a civil, industrial, mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineer, we can track down the candidate you are looking for. While we know that our clients are mostly looking to fill roles in the Kansas City area, our list of clients reaches beyond the area, which means you are more likely to find the perfect match for your open jobs.

Weeding Through the “Okay” or Bad Fits

Let’s be honest. There are going to be a lot of engineering candidates that aren’t great fits for your company. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t good engineers, but they may not have experience in the work that you are looking to have done. When you hire a recruiting firm, you will have someone to sort through all the possible candidates and week out the ones that just aren’t quite right for your company.

Austin Nichols won’t just provide you with a list of potential employees. Instead, we look at resumes and determine the candidates that are most likely to match the skill and experience level that you need for your open positions. Our goal is to save your company time sorting through resumes, interviewing duds, and training people who won’t make it through the first few months.

To provide you with only the best engineering candidates, we use exact-match targeting to find people who already have the know-how you need to complete any project or fill any role you need to be filled. Austin Nichol’s provides the best candidate screening services in the Kansas City area.

Get Expert Advice and Opinions

Sometimes it is just helpful to have an expert to bounce ideas off of and to talk to about the hiring process. As a recruiting firm that has been helping Kansas City companies hire the best of the best since 1988, you know that your representative from Austin Nichols is an expert in all things recruiting and hiring. If you have questions about the recruiting process, the type of candidate that you need, or other support, Austin Nichols can help you with that.

A good recruiting firm doesn’t end the process with finding you the best engineering candidates. Instead, the firm will provide follow-up support to the client. At Austin Nichols, we help our clients in any way possible. If the client needs help with onboarding or training, we are here to provide further assistance.

Many of our recruiters have engineering backgrounds, which means that they know the qualities and skills that all good engineers should have. This background also helps them better connect with potential engineering candidates, which could work in your favor. Recruiters know how to talk to the engineers in our talent pool and learn all of the important information that your company will want to know before meeting with someone.

Provide Your Company with Feedback

As part of the follow-up work our team does with your company, we will let you know what candidates said about your company. The information gathered from candidates who either didn’t make the cut or turned down the position can help your company learn what candidates think about your company.

We can provide insights on the company as a whole, the hiring process, salaries, and much more through these candidate comments. All of this information can help you make positive changes to your process and give you better insight into the types of people you may want to hire in the future.

In the end, it is important to understand that recruiting is much more than reviewing a few resumes. Recruiters work hard to understand exactly what our clients are looking for, and then they do everything in their power to find a candidate that checks every single box. The best part is that they do this better than a hiring manager or HR representative, and it takes them less time.

For companies in the Kansas City area, working with Austin Nichols provides a key resource that saves both time and money during the hiring process. If you are gearing up to hire new engineers, and you want the only best engineering candidates coming in for interviews, contact Austin Nichols today at 816-471-5575. We would love to go on a search to find the perfect candidates for you.

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