No matter how big or small the company, the work is never done for the Human Resources Department. That’s because whatever else is on their plate on any given day, HR is always taking care of the needs of the employees, be it sorting out benefits, acting as the intermediary between management and staff, supervising or coordinating strategic planning with managers and executives, or any number of a hundred other human resource issues. With all of that going on and more, HR managers and staff can quickly become bogged down when the company needs to expand or fill a vacancy—taking on even a single new employee involves a massive amount of recruiting, interviewing, screening, and staffing, all of which takes up valuable time.

This is why contracting with a recruiting firm in Kansas City such as Austin Nichols Technical Search can be a massive game-changer for any company, and especially one looking to expand. Growth is great for every business, but it isn’t always easy, and that’s what makes it crucial to take the burden of the busy work off of the HR department before it becomes a nuisance. Digging through pages of emails and a mountain of resumes is not an effective use of either HR’s time or their unique skills. By delegating that responsibility to a recruiting firm, HR can focus their energies on the people who already work for the company.

Working with an experienced contract recruiting firm for the engineering industry isn’t just good for HR, either; it’s also a boon for directors, managers, executives, and everybody else with a stake in the company’s success. That’s because technical recruiters don’t just find decent employees to fill positions, they find the top talent in the field. HR staffers are certainly capable of spotting and acquiring great hires, too, but staying on top of all of the options would quickly become a full-time job, especially when a business is enjoying rapid growth. That’s just not a great use of time or resources, especially when HR has so many other obligations.

On top of freeing up HR, recruiting firms can save the company money in myriad other ways. Since a contract recruiting firm as experienced as Austin Nichols Technical Search already has an enormous network of contacts and is constantly screening new ones, we can provide candidates that will not require any additional hiring or training costs. We also understand the importance and unique qualities of an office culture, so we won’t put forward anyone who isn’t a good fit. Needless to say, the turnover costs from a bad hire can be massive, so working with a firm who understands the importance of culture fit is crucial.

If you work in HR and are curious about learning more, feel free to contact Austin Nichols Technical Search today. We’re always happy to talk shop about our process and its benefits. Our reputation speaks for itself, and you may find that our methods would perfectly compliment your company.

Austin Nichols Technical Search is a professional direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City with almost 30 years of experience. Since 1988 we have specialized in direct hire and contract recruiting for engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions, and now our expert recruiters are ready to help your business secure the top talent in the field.

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