Here’s some good news: the U.S. economy is on the rebound, and the manufacturing industry has played a huge role in this positive trend, adding over $2 trillion dollars. There are currently close to 12.5 million domestic manufacturing jobs, with over 650,000 new positions having been created between 2010 and 2014 alone. As the field continues to grow and expand, manufacturing professionals are in higher demand than ever before, and while this boom is obviously great for the economy in general and manufacturing in particular, it does mean that recruiting and securing the top talent in the field is increasingly difficult. As a result, any savvy business now works with a dependable contract recruiting firm for the manufacturing industry so that they don’t lose the best potential employees to the competition.

One of the main factors behind the rapid growth of the manufacturing industry is its unparalleled strength. Every dollar invested in the field generates a nearly 150% return, and when you consider that last year the U.S. exported over $1 billion in manufactured goods, it’s no mystery why manufacturing is doing bigger and better than virtually any other sector of the economy. Recent reports from government agencies confirm that over the last few years manufacturing has grown at record-setting rates, and the resulting demand for workers shows no sign of slacking. One of the most positive aspects is that despite alarmist fears of outsourcing, 52 out of the 70 biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. have enjoyed increases in manufacturing employment up to and including 2017.

This spike in demand for manufactured goods and the professionals to oversee their production has been seen all across the country, but few regions have felt it as keenly as Kansas City, MO. No less an authority than Forbes confirmed this, ranking Kansas City 4th in this year’s list of the Top 10 Places for Manufacturing Job Growth. This is obviously great news in general, but the fact is that between the intense competitiveness of the field and the hotness of the region, finding the best possible candidate for a position before the other guy snaps them up is becoming harder and harder. That’s why it’s increasingly crucial to contract with a recruiting firm in Kansas City: they can locate and secure the best possible manufacturing engineers, plant managers, production supervisors, tooling engineers, and other such professionals.

Austin Nichols Technical Search has been doing just that since 1988. We are not only an experienced direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City, but we have also specialized in manufacturing recruiting since the very beginning. Our clients in the manufacturing industry are introduced to the very best candidates in the Kansas City Metro Area, bar none. That’s how they stay five steps ahead of the competition‚Ķand how you can, too.

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