Hiring is an extremely challenging and time consuming process, especially during busy times when you can’t spare the manpower it takes to vet and interview new people. You know that your business needs driven, capable team members who will fit in with your company’s culture and get along with your current staff. In specialized industries like engineering and manufacturing, you’re looking for people with a strong skill set and a solid foundation of experience. You don’t want to invest in training new people unless they’re going to make a lasting positive impact.

Hiring on your own comes with risks, expenses, and inconvenience. And even after several interviews, you may be left with a weak pool of candidates to choose from. That’s why it’s much better to work with a direct hiring and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City. Recruiting firms specialize in finding the best and brightest professionals in the area and matching them with companies where they will excel. They assist your company at every stage of the hiring process so you can focus on running your business.

Advertising. You’ll never have to worry about advertising job postings again. Let professional recruiters bring the best job candidates to you. Everyone you interview is handpicked to fit your company’s specific needs and corporate culture.

Screening and Background Checks. This is another one of those costly, time consuming processes that you can avoid completely when you work with a contract recruiting firm in Kansas City. Your pool of candidates is screened beforehand. Their education and work experience has been verified, and their references have all been checked. Recruiters only recommend job candidates that they would hire themselves.

Interviewing. Candidates are pre-interviewed. You don’t have to schedule extensive interviews or waste a lot of manpower on the hiring process. Interviews with these qualified, exceptional candidates tend to be streamlined and productive. You can really choose the absolute best fit for your open position, your plans for the future, and your team.

Contract to Hire. Once you choose the candidate you want, you can hire them on a contract basis. Most contracts last around six months. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with your candidate and evaluate his or her performance. Likewise, the candidate will learn about your organization and get a feel for the job. At the end of six months, you can make an offer or move on to another candidate. Contract-to-hire placement relieves your company of the burden of payroll and unemployment taxes as well as worker’s comp and health care costs. It also gives you the opportunity to keep trying job candidates until you find the right fit. The majority of contracts result in job offers.

Companies in the engineering and manufacturing sector can’t do better than Austin Nichols Technical Search, the most trusted direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City.

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