As anyone who has ever had to hire for a position knows, there’s a big difference between finding someone to do the job, and finding the right person for the job. For those who want to maximize their likelihood of doing the latter rather than the former—especially for highly skilled or specialized fields—the answer is often to turn to a direct hire and contract recruiting firm.

There are many reasons why companies utilize contract recruiting firms to find the right candidate for a position. These are just a few of the benefits that a good recruiting firm can bring to the table:

  1. Recruiting firms recruit candidates, not applicants. If you post a job opening, you may be inundated with applicants who aren’t right for the job, or who may not even be qualified. Sorting through all of those applications takes time and burns through valuable HR resources. When you work with a recruiting firm, you may get only a handful of candidates for a position, but you can be confident that every one of them will be qualified, and that you won’t be wasting your time by interviewing them.
  2. Recruiting firms have a substantial knowledge of the market. This is especially true of firms with particular areas of specialization such as engineering or construction. A contract recruiting firm will understand job descriptions, career expectations, and how to ensure that a candidate is a good fit for your corporate culture, which makes them more than a resource for finding candidates; it makes them a good partner in defining and describing the position itself.
  3. Recruiting firms speed up the process. When you have an opening that needs to be filled, it costs a lot in lost productivity for it to remain open. Especially if your company is growing, you don’t have the luxury of letting positions remain unfilled. Recruiting firms can help you find the right candidates to fill positions quickly, without sacrificing quality on the altar of expedience.
  4. Recruiting firms have extended reach. Especially in technical fields like engineering or manufacturing, the right person for the position may not always be close at hand. It can be difficult for a human resources department to find qualified candidates who live outside the immediate area, whereas contract recruiting firms can often seek top candidates from all over the country and, sometimes, even overseas.
  5. Recruiting firms are there when you need them. As with any other business relationship, success builds trust, which leads to greater opportunities. Contract recruiting firms stake their reputations on finding you the right candidate for the job, and if you find a firm that works for you, then you can reach out to them whenever you need a qualified candidate to fill a newly opened position.

Austin Nichols Technical Search has been serving businesses as a direct hire and contract recruiting firm in Kansas City since 1988, specializing in engineering, manufacturing, and technical positions. If you want to find the right person to fill your next job opening, then you want Austin Nichols in your corner.

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