Like all the best advice, it is deceptively simple: if you want your company and crews to reach their full potential, you need to have the best construction management team available. This is true whether your firm is big or small, whether you are well-established or just starting up—everyone needs solid hires in management positions. Job sites are inherently chaotic environments where even the most outstanding individual employee can be overwhelmed, but the right construction management team will work together to stay on top of even the slightest hiccup, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

While construction management teams can obviously vary a great deal depending on the needs of the individual company or project, certain positions are especially important. Every team needs a construction manager or foreman to head things up and coordinate as well as supervise the rest of the crew. A structural design engineer can help the foreman with everything from complicated schematics to general planning, and an estimator can help make sure the project stays on budget and weigh in on working with subcontractors and outside vendors. When possible, a senior project manager can be an invaluable addition, bringing experience and expertise to keep everything running smoothly.

It goes without saying that each of these positions should be filled by the best possible candidate, but when it comes to recruiting construction professionals, the key to maximizing your return lies in making sure they will all flourish as a team and as individuals. They will need to closely collaborate to oversee all your projects, manage your employees and subcontractors, stick to your business plans, follow your blueprints, and tirelessly look out for your best interests. The people who make up your construction management team are the ones carrying out negotiations on your behalf, the ones who handle everything administrative, from plans and documentation down to permits and inspections. In many cases they also help on the financial end, estimating costs, negotiating material discounts, and even processing payments.

The stakes are too high in this field to settle for second best, which is why the most successful construction firms keep a constant eye out for top-quality talent to add to their ranks. Bringing in a well-trained and experienced business manager, construction manager, structural design engineer, architect, project manager, or other upper management professional can take a good team and make it great. Your construction management team needs to be comprised of the best of the best, which makes it essential that you work with a recruiting firm in Kansas City that specializes in construction and engineering. Again, it may sound simple, but contracting with the experts to secure outstanding new hires will give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Austin Nichols Technical Search understands the importance of both individual employees and their greater role as part of a team. We are proud to be the most trusted Kansas City recruiting company, and have offered direct hire and contract recruiting for construction and engineering positions since 1988. We are dedicated to helping our local clients remain leaders in the field, and we do that by bringing them the top talent not just in the region, but in the world.

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